Now in our 5th year we host two weeks of American influenced music from 31st July – 13th August. Featuring local, UK and International artists performing from a plethora of genres. All gigs are free to attend and what’s more, you will be supporting grass roots artists and a small, local business! Yey!

A full low down can be found on Facebook and below, and we’ll be sharing music and information from featured artists on our social media up to the event.


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Monday 31st July 9pm

Hannah Aldridge (Muscle Shoals, AL) + Louisiana (Liverpool)

Hannah is a well-grounded and talented Americana song writer. Born from the mixing pot of musical influences that is Muscle Shoals. Roots music, wadded through the Mississippi Delta, dusted in New Orleans Dixie, and dipped and deep fried in American Country.

Louisiana, a Liverpool based duo, play devised covers of all things roots, blues, country, and folk. Expect raw yet delicate Vocals, 12 string guitar and cawing harmonica.

Tuesday 1st August 9pm

Donkey Hokey

Donkey Hokey are a recently conceived Liverpool super group. Comprised of talents of unique experience, they describe their sound as TexMex, which is a mix of Americana, Mexicana, Old Timey music and Bluegrass. This fun and feisty band play two lively sets tonight

Wednesday 2nd August 9pm

Cajun Session

Our Cajun Session has been running for a few years now. All and of any standard are welcome to bring along some strings and get involved. If you’re stingless grab a triangle or a pair of spoons, better still, pick a partner and share a tender waltz.

Thursday 3rd August 9pm

Speakeasy Bootleg Jazz Band

Rompin’ stompin’ knees up Harlem Swinging Jazz. You cannot help but swing your hips and clink your glasses on a night like this! Raucous fun with regular guest vocals.

Friday 4th August 9pm

Blind Monk Trio

The regular monthly outing for the delightful Blind Bank Trio. In these sessions the band interpret Monk classics as a cordless trio of Sax, Drums, Bass. Then in turn interpret modern rock classics as cordless jazz joy. Dark Cinematic, Grunge & Eastern Folk with a Thelonious Monk core.

Saturday 5th August 9pm

Dirty Cello (San Francisco, CA)

Down home Blues and nitty gritty Bluegrass with a unique twist, we swap out violin for Cello! They pass with ease through Americana genres producing energetic, rhythmic, textured, and coherent music with heart and swing.

Sunday 6th August 4-7pm

Martin Smith Quartet

An afternoon of easy breezin’ trumpet lead Jazz. The well-rounded quartet surf through all the classics, bouncing care free from Latin to Dixie to Bebop and back. Children are welcome to join us for this afternoon show.

Sunday 6th August 8.30pm

The Desperate Measures (Liverpool, via Portland, OR)

The finest Honky Tonk from a clutch of Liverpool mainstays and Portland’s favourite Scouser. Recently formed this is one of their first few UK outings. Fiddle, Banjo, 6 Strings and Bass playing old songs and new compositions. Get your glad rags on and be ready to dosey-doe all night!

Monday 7th August 9pm

The Big Easy (Leeds)

The Big Easy are lively swinging swing band. A lively and varied, fully formed 6 piece, indeed the best band for a Monday evening dance. Push aside the tables and swing!!!

Tuesday 8th August 9pm

Yellow Belly Stragglers + Swampcandy (Annapolis, MD)

Yellowbelly, influenced by early jazz, play classic and original music in the Hokum style. A lively and well-loved Liverpool trio.

Primitive Blues inspired Americana is Swampcandy’s thing. Furiously fingerpicked guitar and pounding Double Bass, Kick Drum and passionate vocals make this duo a spectacle not to be missed.

Wednesday 9th August 9pm

Howlin’ Ric & the Rocketeers (Leeds)

An exciting take on a great American tradition with a sound that channels the stylings of Eddie Cochran, traditional Rock & Roll, and Rhythm & Blues with a classic and fresh sound! They play two sets for us tonight.

Thursday 10th August 9pm

Rosenblume + The Whisky Situation

Rosenblume string Rock, Folk, Liverpool, and Irish influences together, dress them in denim and plaid shirts and deliver perfect and precisely formed, original Americana that is truly wonderful to behold.

Supporting this evening are Liverpool Americana/Folk Alt-country five piece The Whisky Situation. Well-rehearsed for hitting the pub scene tonight we will be treated to classic covers delivered via Banjo, Mandolin & Fiddle.

Friday 11th August 9pm

Marley Chingus

All successful musicians in their own rights Cingus (as they’re affectionately known) have been with us for 10 years. They drag you through the heaviest, darkest and funkiest corners of Jazz heritage landing flat, via modal groves, in 2017. Quartet chaos abundant but they never get lost.

Saturday 12th August 9pm

Amanda Brown & the Common Ears

Imagine your popping and crackling old Jazz 78s made anew, dynamic and live in a pub. The Band play two sets of original material and old antwacky material each with little tales and early 20th Century dates of origin. A simple trio of Trumpet, Bass, Guitar & Vox make a fun vintage evening. Two sets tonight.

Sunday 13th August 8.30pm

Loose Moose String Band

Now, is there a finer way to round up our two-week festival than this! Loose Moose have been with The Caledonia from the start and we are glad to have them. Country, Western Swing but mainly Bluegrass with 5+ string players taking the stage. Marvel as they play classic sting band music then challenge yourself to sit still as they morph 80s & 90s radio hits into string band gems.