Spring is springing… kind od, it’s still a bit cold tbh! So why not warm your soul with some beautiful live music in your favourite odd ball little pub? Yeah, we mean here! We’ve got all the usual suspects as well as some cool special guests this Month. Always free entry of course. What you waiting for!!??


A little message from the boss…

We’ve been delt a hand of price increases from our suppliers at the start of this year. We’ve chosen not to put our bar prices up just yet. We try our hardest to make sure we’re accessable to as many people as possible whilst not kicking ourselves in the shins financially. And we do this whilst payinga fair wage to all our musicians and maintaing our free entry policy. We are proud to have been able to keep our all our pints under £4, whilst serving an intresting range of local, national and international drinks. We hope you all continue to enjoy our pub! Thank you.

Live Today at the Caledonia

21:00The Saltcutters