We can barely believe that we’re saying this but it’s been six months since the Caledonia Vegan Kitchen opened its door for the first time!!! We could never have imagined how much love and support you were all going to show us, and we’re so grateful. Being able to contribute to the vegan community like this and to be so accepted so fast has been like a dream come true, and we’re planning on sticking around for as long as you want us!

But The Caledonia isn’t just about the kitchen, and we have so many other great things going on alongside our food menu! We have live music scheduled for the next several months, from both our regular house bands and a whole variety of amazing guest bands, with free entry to all shows in order to try and provide access to good music and good times to as many members of the community as possible. If you want to know who’s playing, we have all the listings up on the What’s On section of this site, or weekly and monthly listings on the boards around the pub!

We’re also proud to continue as a dog-friendly pub, and we’re hoping to have another successful dog social sometime this month because we had such a good time at the last one! We don’t know when it’s going to be yet, but we know it’s going to happen, and until the date is set your four legged friends are welcome to come on down the pub anytime anyway!

Honestly there’s a whole lot going on, more than we could list here, so your best bet is to just pick a day and come into the Caledonia and see what’s happening!

Thanks so much for putting the community in our community pub!

The Cali Family


Live Today at the Caledonia

21:00Bayou Noir