Oh my bejesus! How awesome are all of you! Thank you so much for all the support and eating you have done at the pub! Our kitchen is doing super well. We serve food 12-9 every day and our menu is available on the page above. And if you wanna see pictures hop over to our instagram @thecaledonia or @calivegankitch


We’re in the running for Dog Buddy Pub Awards again this year and we could really do with your vote! Please follow the link below, takes about 10 secs and we will be super grateful!

The Caledonia


Liverpool Irish Fest 2017 is on its way, check out our listings and social media for some info on the special events we will be hosting. (Along with all our other gigs too!!!)


Thanks as always, Team Caledonia

Live Today at the Caledonia

21:00Dan Frechette & Laurel Thompson