Happy Christmas. How the heck is it December already. This year has flown. We’ve got loads of boss music on for ya, carols, tasty mulled things. We can’t wait to see you all and celebrate in true festive style.

It’s that time of year when people who don’t normally go the pub come the pub. So, in the interest of bar staff and regular’s sanity we thought we create a few handy tips for the seasonal pub goer to help them make the best of their festive experience!


1. Thank you for coming to the pub! It’s cool that you wanna spend your festive dollar in our independent establishment, give yourself on the back.

2. Know what you want before coming to the bar. Your server has 1000 people to serve and standing still waiting for you to decide slows everything down.

3. In a big round? Order all the drinks at once. Bar Tenders have Boss memories/can select it all at once on the till. If you are feeling fancy you could even write it down! Faster service, faster booze, more booze!!! It’s win win.

(3.b. NEVER EVER order Guinness last!)

4. Bartenders are humans. Don’t click, whistle, wave, tap, oi, when you’re ready. We see you, we do this a lot. Don’t panic, we know who’s next!

5. If we say “no more “ it’s not cos we hate you. We have a legal and moral duty to keep you safe if you’ve gone and got yourself in a merry mess.

6. Please, Thank you & tip!


Have a safe, happy, festive season. We look forward to spending it with you!!!

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