Can you believe it? The Caledonia as you know it is 9 years old. Obviously, it’s way older. Built around 1850 the place has always been The Caledonia pub, named after one of the White Star Line’s first 3 ships, the smallest of 3 and now at the bottom of the sea near Havana. But how amazing is that, the building has been a pub 170 years and frankly, that deserves some serious respect. I personally got into the business of pubs because I believe in them as an institution. Pubs build and maintain communities, they bring people together who might never have met, they get people from all walks of life in the same room together with one common goal, to commune with other like minded people. For us this was first sparked by the bands we hosted, then locality, dog lovers and finally the vegan thing! Seeing people find new friends, romances, leaning from each other and sharing experiences in an absolute joy and privilege.

Im lucky to have an amazing team of staff who get it and embrace it and help me make the place the best it can be. Thank you to them, all the musicians, all the dogs and our wonderful community. Here’s to another 9. 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉


Our actual birthday is bank holiday Monday 27th May. There will be cake, some food & drink offers and of course, music!