Live music for this month – remember, it’s always FREE ENTRY.

29thThe Blue Soul
29thThe Blue Soul
30thLoose Moose String Band
31stJools & the Gman

What's on in September

1stThe Saltcutters
2ndCajun Session
3rdSpeakeasy Bootleg Jazz Band
4thBlind Monk Trio
5thAlex Gavaghan & band
6thMartin Smith Quartet Afternoon Jazz
11thMarley Chingus
13thLoose Moose String Band
15thThe Saltcutters
16thCajun Session
18thDowntown Dixieland Band
19thThe Blue Soul
20thMartin Smith Quartet Afternoon Jazz
23rdThe Manouchetones
24thHonky Tonk with The Nudie Suits + Bayou Noir
25thMarley Chingus
26thWizards of Twiddly + Vernons Future (aka The Vernons) + St Vitus Dance (Acoustic Set)
27thLoose Moose String Band
28thJohn Emil (Blues)
29thThe Saltcutters
30thCajun Session

What's on in October

1stSpeakeasy Bootleg Jazz Band
2ndBlind Monk Trio
3rdAlex Gavaghan & band
4thMartin Smith Afternoon Jazz
5thCorn Potato String Band (Old Time – USA)
9thMarley Chingus Jazz
11thLoose Moose String Band
13thThe Saltcutters
14thCajun Session
16thDowntown Dixieland Jazz Band
17thThe Blue Soul
18thMartin Smith Afternoon Jazz
18thWhiskey Dick (Country Metal, Yeehaww – USA)
19thBev Smith (folk duo – USA)
20thLIVERPOOL IRISH FESTIVAL Afternoon Session 1.30-4pm
20thLIVERPOOL IRISH FESTIVAL Transatlantic Music Special
21stThe Manouchetones
22ndLIVERPOOL IRISH FESTIVAL Evening Session 8.30-11.30
23rdMarley Chingus Jazz
24thLIVERPOOL IRISH FESTIVAL The Saltcutters Showcase
25thLoose Moose String Band
26thJools & the Gman
27thThe Saltcutters
28thCajun Session
29thHonky Tonk with The Nudie Suits + Bayou Noir
30thHALLOWEEN Deaf Nun Trio! (BM3)
31stThe Blue Soul

What's on in November

26thHonky Tonk with The Nudie Suits + Bayou Noir