Unless stated all shows are 9pm and it’s always free entry.

29thYellow Belly Stragglers
30thThe Manouchetones

What's on in July

19thRed Canary Dance Band
20thDowntown Dixieland Jazz Band
21stPat Reed
22ndMartin Smith Quartet
24thYellow Belly Stragglers
26thBayou Noir
27thMarley Chingus
29thLoose Moose String Band
30thPat Reed
31stDonkey Hokey

What's on in August

1stCajun Session
2ndSpeakeasy Bootleg Jazz Band
3rdBlind Monk Trio
4thJesse Janes
5thMartin Smith Quartet
7thYellow Belly Stragglers
8thPistol Pete Wearn
12thLoose Moose String Band
14thDonkey Hokey
15thCajun Session
16thLitu Montedo
17thDowntown Dixieland Jazz Band
18thAlex Gavaghan
19thMartin Smith Quartet
21stYellow Belly Stragglers
23rdAwesome Jazz Night
24thMarley Chingus
26thLoose Moose String Band
26thLoose Moose String Band
28thDonkey Hokey
29thCajun Session
30thBayou Noir
31stLoose Moose String Band

What's on in September

1stAlex Gavaghan & the Boss Jockeys
2ndMartin Smith Quartet
4thYellow Belly Stragglers
6thSpeakeasy Bootleg Jazz Band
7thMarley Chingus
8thCraig Weir
9thLoose Moose String Band
10thBen Reel
11thDonkey Hokey
12thCajun Session
14thDowntown Dixieland Jazz Band
16thMartin Smith Quartet
18thYellow Belly Stragglers
21stMarley Chingus
23rdLoose Moose String Band
25thDonkey Hokey
26thCajun Session
27thBayou Noir
28thBlind Monk Trio
30thMartin Smith Quartet

What's on in October

2ndYellow Belly Stragglers
4thSpeakeasy Bootleg Jazz Band
5thMarley Chingus
6thGentlemen of a Few
7thLoose Moose String Band
9thDonkey Hokey
10thCajun Session
12thDowntown Dixieland Jazz Band
13thAlex Gavaghan & the Boss Jockeys
14thMartin Smith Quartet
16thYellow Belly Stragglers
19thMarley Chingus
21stLoose Moose String Band
23rdDonkey Hokey
24thCajun Session
25thBayou Noir
26thBlind Monk Trio
28thMartin Smith Quartet
30thYellow Belly Stragglers

What's on in November

1stSpeakeasy Bootleg Jazz Band
2ndMarley Chingus
3rdAlex Gavaghan & the Boss Jockeys
4thLoose Moose String Band
6thDonkey Hokey
7thCajun Session
9thDowntown Dixieland Jazz Band
11thMartin Smith Quartet
13thYellow Belly Stragglers
16thMarley Chingus
18thLoose Moose String Band
20thDonkey Hokey
21stCajun Session
23rdBlind Monk Trio
25thMartin Smith Quartet
27thYellow Belly Stragglers
29thBayou Noir
30thMarley Chingus

What's on in December

1stAlex Gavaghan & the Boss Jockeys
2ndLoose Moose String Band
4thDonkey Hokey
5thCajun Session
6thSpeakeast Bootleg Jazz Band
7thDowntown Dixieland Jazz Band
9thMartin Smith Quartet
11thYellow Belly Stragglers
13thMarley Chingus
16thLoose Moose String Band
18thDonkey Hokey
19thCajun Session
21stBlind Monk Trio
23rdMartin Smith Quartet
27thBayou Noir
28thMarley Chingus
30thLoose Moose String Band