Live music for this month – remember, it’s always FREE ENTRY.

3rdMarley Chingus Jazz Explosion
4thAlex Gavaghan + band
5thLoose Moose String Band
6thSarah Jane Scouten (Folk, Country, Old Time from CA)
7thThe Saltcutters
8thCajun Music Session
10thBlind Monk Trio
12thMartin Smith Quartet
16thMarty O’Reilly & the Old Soul Orchestra + Andrew Duhon (USA)
17thMarley Chingus Jazz Explosion
19thLoose Moose String Band
20thAlligator Gumbo (New Orleans style dance band from Leeds)
21stThe Saltcutters + The Bimble Brothers (Celtic/Americana)
22ndHoly Moly & the Crackers (Gypsy folk ‘n’ roll – Newcastle) EARLY EVENING GIG
22ndCajun Session
23rdThe Jaywalkers + The Jesse Janes (a night of female lead country/old time & bluegrass)
24thThe Yellow Belly Stragglers EARLY EVENING GIG
24thDowntown Dixieland Band
25thThe Hallelujah Trails + Mike Badger + the Shady Trio (Honky Tonk + Rockabilly)
26thMartin Smith Quartet
27thJools + the Gman (Harmonica + Guitar Jazz duo)
29thThe Manouchetones
30thThe Nudie Suits + Bayou Noir
31stMarley Chingus Jazz Explosion