Unless stated all shows are 9pm and it’s always free entry.

19thLoose Moose String Band
20thBen Reel
21stDonkey Hokey
23rdThe John Wheatcroft Quartet
24thDowntown Dixieland Band
25thNick Ellis
26thMartin Smith Quartet
28thYellow Belly Stragglers
30thThe Cotton Mouth Cajun Band
31stMarley Chingus

What's on in June

1stAlex Gavaghan & the Boss Jockeys
2ndLoose Moose String Band
4thDonkey Hokey
5thCajun Session
6thSpeakeasy Bootleg Jazz Band
7thBlind Monk Trio
8thThe John Wheatcroft Quartet
9thMartin Smith Quartet
11thYellow Belly Stragglers
12thClube Do Choro
14thMarley Chingus
15thScott Lavern
16thLoose Moose String Band
18thDonkey Hokey
19thCajun Session
21stDowntown Dixieland Band
23rdMartin Smith Quartet
25thYellow Belly Stragglers
27thThe Cotton Mouth Cajun Band
28thMarley Chingus
29thNick Ellis
30thLoose Moose String Band