Live music for this month – remember, it’s always FREE ENTRY.

28thYellow Belly Stragglers + Guests
29thThe Manouchetones
30thThe Nudie Suits + Bayou Noir

What's on in July

1stMarley Chingus
3rdLoose Moose String Band
4thSwampcandy (USA) + The Resurrection Men
6thCajun Session
7thSpeakeasy Bootleg Jazz Band
8thBlind Monk Trio
9thMidnite Johnny Band
10thAfternoon Jazz with Martin Smith 4-7
12thYellow Belly Stragglers
14thBlues Gumbo Yaya with The Resurrection Men
15thMarley Chingus
17thLoose Moose String Band
18thJools & the Gman
20thCajun Session
22ndDowntown Dixieland Jazz Band
23rdWayward Jane
24thAfternoon Jazz with Martin Smith Quartet 4-7
25thUrban Pioneers (USA)
26thYellow Belly Stragglers
27thThe Manouchetones
28thThe Nudie Suits & Bayou Noir
29thMarley Chingus
30thThe Blue Soul
31stLoose Moose String Band