Live music for this month – remember, it’s always FREE ENTRY.

7thAlex Gavagan + Band
8thMartin Smith Quartet
8thTorpey’s Pub Quiz
10thAfternoon Irish Session
10thGalloway, Culbert & Doyle FOLK NIGHT + Guests
11thSpeakeasy Bootleg Jazz Band
13thMarley Chingus Jazz
15thLoose Moose String Band
17thSt Patrick’s Day Afternoon Irish Session 1.30-4.30
17thSt Patrick’s Day The Bog Standards
18thCajun Music Session
20thThe Blind Monk Trio
22ndMartin Smith Quartet
22ndChris Torpey’s Pub Quiz
23rdWhiskeydick (Acoustic Hillbilly Country Metal from Texas)
24thGhost Note (Gypsy Jazz from Greece)
26thThe Nudie Suits + Bayou Noir (Cajun + Honky Tonk)
27thMarley Chingus Jazz
29thLoose Moose String Band
31stAfternoon Irish Session
31stThe Bog Standards

What's on in April

1stCajun Music Session
3rdDowntown Dixieland Band
4thAlex Gavagan + band
5thMartin Smith Quartet 4-7pm
5thIn Flight Mode (Jazz, Rocabilly, Country, Blues Duo)
6thBrook Sharkey and Adam Beatie (Soulful, Anglo-Frech, Folk)
7thGalloway, Culbert & Doyle FOLK & ACOUSTIC NIGHT + guests
8thThe Manouchetones (Gypsy Jazz)
10thMarley Chingus Jazz Explosion
12thLoose Moose String Band
14thThe Saltcutters
15thCajun Music Session
17thThe Blind Monk Trio
19thAfternoon with Martin Smith Quartet 4-7pm
19thChris Torpey’s Pub Quiz
21stGalloway, Culbert & Doyle FOLK & ACOUSTIC NIGHT + guests
22ndNuala Honan and Beth Porter (Two Folk acts from Bristol)
23rdThe Nudie Suits + Bayou Noir (Honky Tonk + Cajun)
24thMarley Chingus Jazz Explosion
25thThe Rip Roaring Success (Bluegrass & Western Swing)
26thLoose Moose String Band
28thThe Saltcutters
29thCajun Music Session
30thThe Littlest Birds (Country, Folk, Old Time)

What's on in May

1stDowntown Dixieland Band
2ndAlex Gavagan + Band
3rdAfternoon with Martin Smith Quartet 4-7pm
3rdThe Lovesick Cowboys (Western Swing, Blues Trio)
5thGalloway, Culbert & Doyle FOLK & ACOUSTIC NIGHT + guests
6thThe Manouchetones (Gypsy Jazz)
8thMarley Chingus Jazz Explosion
10thLoose Moose String Band
12thfrom USA Old Time Guest Band TBC
13thCajun Music Session
15thThe Blind Monk Trio
17thAfternoon with Martin Smith Quartet 4-7pm
17thChris Torpey’s Pub Quiz
19thGalloway, Culbert & Doyle FOLK & ACOUSTIC NIGHT + guests
20thSpeakeasy Bootleg Jazz Band
21stThe Foghorn String Bamd
21stThe Fog Horn String Band (Old Time, Bluegrass, Country)
22ndMarley Chingus Jazz Explosion
24thLoose Moose String Band
26thThe Saltcutters
28thFaith Evans Ruch + guests (Soulful, Country, Blues)
29thDowntown Dixieland Band
31stAfternoon with Martin Smith Quartet 4-7pm
31stDaniel John Martin (Gypsy Jazz Violinist from France)

What's on in June

10thCajun Music Session
24thCajun Music Session

What's on in July

7thCajun Music Session
11thSarah Jane Scouten (Folk, Country, Old Time from CA)