5thThe Hermit
6thRhinocratic Oafs play the music of Vivian Stanshall & the Bonzo Dog Doo Daa Band
7thSpeakeasy Bootleg Jazz Band
8thSecret Improvisers Club
9thNick Ellis
10thCali Christmas Crafts 12-3pm
10thLoose Moose String Band 7.30pm
11thCali Christmas Quiz 7.30pm
12thCali Christmas Crafts 7.30pm
13thCajun Session
14thForro & Chips
15thDowntown Dixieland Band
17thMartin Smith Quartet 2-5pm
17thLoose Christmoose 7.30pm
18thCali Christmas Clothes Swap 7.30pm
19thThe Hermit
20thCali Christmas Crafts 8pm
22ndSecret Improvisers Club
23rdCali Christmas Discs
24thXMAS EVE | Open 12pm-12am | Kitchen 12-9pm
25thXMAS DAY | Open 12-3pm | Kitchen Closed
26thBOXING DAY | Closed
28thCottonmouth Cajun Band
29thSecret Improvisers Club
31stNYE | Open 12pm-2am | Kitchen 12-7pm