Live music for this month – remember, it’s always FREE ENTRY.

30thThe Manouchetones

What's on in September

17thCajun Session
19thDowntown Dixieland Band
21st£6 Sunday Roast
21stMartin Smith Quartet
21stCali Quiz with CATorpey
23rdIrish/Folk Afternoon Session
24thThe Manouchetones
25thThe Nudie Suits + Bayou Noir
26thMarley Chingus
27thDarren Eedens (Toronto, CA) – All day event with special guests
28thLoose Moose String Band
30thIrish/Folk Afternoon Session
30thThe Bog Standards

What's on in October

1stCajun Session
3rdBlind Monk Trio
5thMartin Smith Quartet
7thAfternoon Irish/Folk Session
9th4Square (Ferocious Folk from Manchester)
10thMarley Chingus Jazz
12thLoose Moose String Band
14thBeverly Smith (Old Time fiddle from USA)
15thCajun Session
16thThe Bog Standards
17thThe Downtown Dixieland Band